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10 Things You Must Know

With the huge amount of student loan debt that exists in this country, Student Loan Relief Assistance companies have been on the rise. There are honest and reliable companies out there but make no mistake, there are also companies and individuals that will take advantage of poorly educated people.

Below you will find 10 insider TIPS that will help you identify the “good” from the “bad” before you sign up with any company to help you with your student loans.

We hope you find this information useful and if you have any specific questions you need answered, please call us or email those questions to us and we will gladly answer them for you.


  • Ask for the company’s State registration information. You should be able to easily confirm through the company’s State Division of Corporations that they are a legally established company
  • Where is the company located? The State Registration information will reveal this information.
  • Make sure that they clearly explain everything and that you understand what the company service charges are and how those charges will be collected.
  • Steer away from companies that only take bank account information or wire transfers as a method of payment.
  • NEVER hire a company that charges you for their services by incorporating a monthly payment throughout the term of the new program in which you are being enrolled
  • Ask what the company’s involvement will be after you have been placed in the new repayment program
  • Does the company have its own processing department to manage the entire process of getting you enrolled in the program for which you qualify or do they subcontract those functions out?
  • Do not judge the honesty and integrity of a company based on Better Business Bureau rankings. BBB accredited businesses pay a fee for accreditation. The State Department of Consumer Services where the company is based is a much more objective way to check any complaints that have been raised against a company.
  • Make sure there is a 100% money back guaranteed provided to you in writing at the time of signing up with any company you want to retain to do this work for you
  • ONLY hire a company to represent you if you understand everything clearly, there is a clear financial benefit you are going to obtain, and you feel totally comfortable that the company you are hiring is honest and has your best interest at hand.

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