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Student Loan Forgiveness

The Public Service Loan qualifying Forgiveness program is helping millions of borrowers to free themselves from the burden of student loan. There are stipulations but the weight of debt is less with this program. If a borrower fits the qualifications, they are eligible for relief from student loans. The loan options listed with these plans are strict and if defaulted, the borrower is responsible for any interest accrued and the entire balance of the loan.


A list of qualifications governs these programs. For example, under the Public Forgiveness Program, a borrower must keep a full time job working for a public agency and make 120 on time payments in order for any outstanding balance to be forgiven at the end of the 120 months. The method by which your loan is paid will be determined by the type of program for which you qualify.

Eligible Loans

Only Federal loans qualify for the different student loan forgiveness programs.

On Time Payments

It is important that these payments be made on time, no later than 15 days of the agreed payment time. Deferment of forbearance does not apply to Loan Forgiveness. Most loans may need consolidating in order to fit under the umbrella of the PHEAA program.


There are several programs that can qualify a borrower for the Public Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

  • Income-Contingent Plan (ICR),
  • Income based Repayment (IBR)
  • Pay as You Earn Plan.

In addition to the part of the principal being forgiven for borrowers that qualify for these programs, these same programs may offer lower monthly payments making it easier for the borrower to manage their student debt.

Working for Public Service

Each payment can only qualify if a borrower is working on a qualifying job at the time payment is made. The person can only qualify for payments if they are working on a qualifying job when they apply for this program.

Throughout the process, a borrower must hold a job for a Public Service Organization. The process has several steps that must be followed in order to receive this assistance with your student loans.

All these programs have different qualification criteria and offer different benefits.

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