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These are just a few of the many people we have helped in obtaining much more flexible payment terms on their student loans. We have been able to assist many people in getting their wage garnishment and/or income tax withheld stopped. Most are also enrolled in programs that will forgive a large part of their loans.

Get back on track and take advantage of the federal benefits available to you !

They helped me save money!


For me it was all about getting a better deal on my student loans I had been paying for 3 years now. Although I could afford them I heard about programs available to reduce your student loan payments and in some instances even forgive part of the principle. I contacted this company and they were great. They really explained things in detail and made me feel comfortable. They enrolled me in a program that has lowered my payments and it is saving me some really good money . I can’t complain. Best investment I ever made after going to school!

Michael Rodriguez - Dec 05, 2015

They came through!


After calling a few places I felt the most comfortable with this company. They were straight to the point and explained to me things I did not understand. They were not pushy as others I have called. The money I will save will be a lot more than what I spent on their services.

Chris Karavalee - Sep 15, 2015

Income tax return being withheld!


My return had been withheld for the last few years. My loans were in default. I contacted this company and they helped me straighten things out. My loans are up to date now since my payments are very affordable based on what I make. No more income tax withholding for me! Thank you guys!

Kurt Meyer - Nov 07, 2014

I can afford my payments now!


I could barely afford my student loan payments. They were killing me and were here every month. I contacted this company and they re-arranged my loan and got me a much more affordable payment plan. The best thing is that I will even save a lot of money over the term of my new loan. It worked out great! Now I can breathe a bit easier !

Keera Williams - Nov 05, 2014

My payments are more manageable now!


I called this company and they went over my loan and explained to me what I qualified for and what the new payments would be. I qualified for the Pay as You Earn Program. At first I thought it was a scam because it sounded too good to be true. They made me feel real comfortable when I spoke to them on the phone. Matthew was great. He explained everything in detail and in simple terms. They also assured me, and put it in writing, that if they could not get me a better deal on my outstanding loans there would be no charge to me at all. It has been now two months since I am making my new and consolidated student loan payments. My payments are much more affordable and since I qualified for the Public Service Forgiveness program, I will get thousands of dollars wiped out of my student loans. Working with this company was great!

Branden Jones - Aug 26, 2014

Very satisfied!


I sent this company an email for them to get back to me. They called me the same day and went over all the options available. I was not aware that being a professor qualified me for one of these student loan forgiveness programs. They helped me get my student loans consolidated and enrolled me on a program that will literally erase a great part of my debt. I am very happy with my new payment terms and payment amount. I can now breathe a little easier. I highly recommend this company. They do come through!

Michael Stevenson - Jun 29, 2014

No more garnishing of my pay check!


Every paycheck they were taking a big chunk of my pay. It was killing me! I am now breathing a bit easier. No more money is being taken out of my paycheck and my new payments towards my loan are very affordable since they are based on my income. I will also get a big chunk of my loan forgiven at the end of my term. Thank you guys for your help on getting this done!

Aron Leigh - May 09, 2014

Best phone call I have ever made!


Thank God I contacted this company. I owed over $50K in student loans and was sending payments to four different lenders. The payments were killing me. I could barely afford them. I missed a couple of payments and was paying dearly for that. The people at the Student Debt Center were able to consolidate my loans, get me a lower monthly payment and even apply for part of my debt to be forgiven since I am a Nurse. Best money I have ever spent was hiring this company to help me with that student loan nightmare I had. I highly recommend them

Melissa Hurst - Apr 01, 2014

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